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Be the envy of your competition with custom gear in your barn colors.
Unlimited colors, unlimited designs, lightweight, yet very durable & affordable. Create a unified look while letting your horses relax with the door open for better ventilation while being a part of their new surroundings.
A relaxed horse is a happy, more competitive horse.

Deco Pony Beginnings
13 years ago, on St Patrick’s Day, I took full advantage my lucky Irish heritage, applied for a business license & started Deco Pony.
The year prior I had to retire my previously very talented, full of life & natural suspension heart horse at the age of 7 due to EPSM. After 2 years of chiros, therapies, special diets, up & downs it was time for him to be a very part time trail horse. This loss also meant the end of the Eventing dreams I had as well.
So I took my broken heart, all the new free time, my design background & started working on an idea I had had 20 years earlier when I went to my 1st event.
All those show stall doors with lead ropes holding horses inside & barn mates grouped together with no way of identifying them in the sea of 250 stalls was a missed opportunity.
It’s fairly common now to see stall aisles decorated in barn colors & it’s been very rewarding starting this trend in the Eventing & Dressage world.
Having countless Trainers & young riders tell me how my products have helped generate team spirit & build their brand means the world to me! 
Thanks so much for helping turn my broken heart into years of productive happiness! 
Now get out there & create your own luck!
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Deco Pony is excited to offer a hug assortment of Equest Gloves from the UK for every personality!

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